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Welcome to Altamont Sport Horses!

Altamont Sport Horses is a small farm producing amateur friendly horses for the discipline of Dressage. We focus primarily on the Knabstrupper (spotted Danish Warmblood), Appaloosa Sport Horse and Trakehner breeds in order to create athletic and intelligent riding horses that are also attentive and highly trainable.

We endeavor to begin with producing well conformed, hardy foals with exceptional temperaments and potential. Our foals are then carefully handled on a daily basis until they are weaned at approximately 6 months of age. At ASH we begin the process of developing our foals' trust and desire for human companionship from the moment they take their first breath. Barring special circumstances, our foals are turned out to pasture 24/7 to run, play, and build strong, healthy bodies and joints yet still interacting with people daily as we teach them to halter, lead, pick up feet for trimming, stand for grooming and more. 

Hollywood Hot Spot 2004 Appaloosa Stallion
Sire: Outlaws Bold Revenge (ApHC) Dam: Hot Tempered (JC)

Our youngsters are shown in USEF sanctioned events in order to expose them to the show atmosphere which they will likely be encountering with their new future owners.  They have lifetime USEF recordings as well as USDF and USEA lifetime recordings, as appropriate for each horse.
We take an enormous pride in the horses we produce and hope you'll find something on our website that makes you smile.  If you see a horse that interests you, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Kryptic February 2011
Poplar Place Dressage Show

Adahlia, Ole South Breed Show (USDF) Aug. 2008
Sire: Advocate *Ps* (ATA) Dam: Ala (ATA)

We are members of the following organizations:

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"Atlantis" black leopard Knabstrupper stallion
ridden by Janine Lee (June 2013)

Breeding for Medium Sized Horses:
We recognize that athletic horses come in all sizes and not everyone truly needs a 16+h horse. Dressage ability is unrelated to height and dressage horses do not require more height in order to perform or compete at high levels. Many riders today are average sized adult amateurs looking for medium sized horses (15-16hh). Medium-sized horses are easier to mount/dismount and fit the rider's leg better than the very large horses that have been fashionable in recent years but can have multiple drawbacks related to their size. 

While not always the case, smaller horses are usually more economical to feed and stay sound longer.  This is, of course, provided that they receive proper care , nutrition and have the appropriate conformation for their discipline. The extra weight/size a larger horse carries is hard on the joints and puts the horse at risk for more injuries and arthritis, not to mention affecting overall endurance. We love our horses and would like to see them stay sound and healthy as long as possible. For this reason we strive to produce very comfortable and rideable dressage horses in the range of 15.1-16.1hh.  Because we are not catering to the notion that "bigger is better" we will never intentionally mislead you on the size or height of our horses. We want to help you find the horse that fits your body and your riding goals. If we don't have the horse you are looking for we will happily recommend other breeding programs or farms you should contact.

ASH Nova 2013 Knabstrupper filly
Sire: Halifax Dam: Firefly de Bec (daughter of Atlantis)

2014 Knabstrupper colt at 5 months
Sire: Ambrosius af Asgard (Atlantis) Dam: At First Sight

2014 Knabstrupper filly at 2 months
Sire: Ambrosius af Asgard (Atlantis) Dam: Sully Gypsy Queen

The content on this website including text and photos are copyright protected according to U.S. laws.  All photos are the property of Karri Henning Photography unless otherwise noted.  Use of any photos on this website is expressly denied without written permission from the photographer.

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